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Our Story

Everyday across the country, teens are seriously injured or diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.  More often than not, the medical attention that is needed to help them is far away from their home, requiring them to stay in strange places for days, weeks or months. While these tests and treatments are performed, parents either have to pay to stay in hotels or stay at home away from their children in order to pay their bills, look after other children and continue to manage the responsibilities of everyday life.

While charities exist to help families with young children, it is harder for parents of teens and young adults to receive assistance. In March of 2000, Trish Peter was 17 years old when she was diagnosed with Osteo Sarcoma, the same type of cancer Terry Fox had. Living in Little Britain at the time, she had to travel to hospitals in Toronto for treatments on a regular basis.

In May of 2004 the Community of Little Britain organized a very successful 12 Km Walk-A-Thon which helped out Trish's Family. It was Trish's wish to carry on this event to help others.

Trish's Wish Foundation was then formed in her honour. We have continued to have our annual 12 km Walk-A- Thon which is held in Lindsay, the first Saturday in June. Other events we hold consist of our live concerts, dances, baseball tournaments and golf tournaments.

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